How to: create engaging presentations with Virbe Hub in less than an hour

by Violetta Lamot-Majewska

How to: create engaging presentations with Virbe Hub in less than an hour

Creating engaging presentations is one of the most crucial sales skills of today, but it is a duty loathed and feared by many. At the same time, engaging your audience at scale can be equally important yet a pretty daunting thing to do. Thankfully, there’s a way out: the “Presentation Mode'' which has just been added to our Virbe Hub.

Create Presentations with Virbe Hub to Increase your Engagement at Scale

If you were looking for a tool that could save you countless hours on upgrading your PDF presentation to make it more engaging or spare you sleepless nights worrying about your presentation skills you are in the right place. Our Virtual Beings in Presentation Mode will help you:

  • Engage your audience at scale 24/7
  • Guide your clients to the desired outcome
  • Spare you the trouble of delivering the presentation yourself
  • Allow you to reach multilingual audiences with just one click
  • Allow you to personalise your presentation with a separate link for each receiving party

How to Access the Presentation Mode in Virbe Hub

To get access to the Presentation Mode you would first need to make sure you have an existing and running instance of a virtual being at Virbe Hub. If this is your first experience with Virbe tools head fill out the contact form under the “Presentation Mode” button. We will contact you ASAP and guide you through the creation of your first Virbe.

1. Create your Avatar

You may select a virtual being from the selection of our Virbes or create your avatar via a RPM plug-in. To do that go to Follow the instructions and create your avatar. You can use a photo to generate the avatar or create one from scratch. 

Having completed the creation of your RPM Avatar remember to copy and save the link to your model. The link is available at the end of the creation process on the right:

Ready Player Me Plug In


  • Go into your virtual being’s dashboard at Virbe.
  • Navigate to the Overview page. In the top right section of Virtual Being’s overview you will see the “Edit Web Appearance” option. Click it.
Virbe Hub Overview
  • Change the model type from Virbe to RPM in the red-framed dropdown field.
  • Paste the link to your custom Ready Player Me model into the blue-framed input field below.
  • Don't forget you may change the colour of your Virbe's background!
Virbe Hub Overview
  • Hit Save Changes. Now Your virtual being will have a custom appearance in all of the web experiences where it’s embedded.

2. Visit the Virbe Hub Dashboard and Select your Virbe 

Once your avatar is ready to go, click on the Presentation Mode button on the left hand side menu. and that's it. You are in!

Virbe Hub Overview

3. Create your Presentation by adding Scripts and Slides 

Now you can start creating your guided presentation. The basic building block in our system is “Script”. You can think of them as of separate presentations that your Avatar may show to your audience and clients. 

Once you are in the “Presentation Editor” in your dashboard, click “+Add Script” button. Type in the name of your script (eg. “Welcome”) and set the language for the script – then you are good to go and ready to provide content! Click on each paragraph section and enter the text input in chosen language. 

You may add various buttons (hyperlinks) as well as slides that will appear next to your avatar (see how in the video below). Once you are happy with you work confirm it with the “Generate Presentation” button on the top to send it directly to your Avatar. 

Click on each paragraph section, enter the input and confirm it with the “Generate Presentation” button on the top to make sure it has been saved. 

Virbe Presentation Editor


4. Select the Language, Voice and Gestures

You may select the type of voice and language from the drop down menu in the middle, as well as play along with selecting the right gestures and emotions that fit the tonality of the message. Just press the “edit behaviour” icon to the right from the paragraph input field.

5. Generate separate links with Personalised Scripts

Once you have created a script you are happy to share, click on the “link to script” section to generate a link with that precise script. If you click “test in widget” button on the top of the page you will have a chance to take a quick view of the script in the widget version. You can also check out the saved version of the presentation in a full-screen mode if you go to “Overview” and click “Component preview”.

6. Watch our Tutorial to See how to add Slides and Change or add new Scripts and Buttons.

It will require a bit of getting used to the general flow of the tool but I am sure you will manage. 

Partner with Virbe

And if you would like to discuss ways we could work together or if you wish to find out more about Virtual Beings please contact us and we will schedule a short demo call with you. Or join our Discord community to get instant access to our new features and our team.

From the author

Thanks for reading until the end. If you're interested in learning more about Virbe, or have any questions or comments to the above, please use [email protected] to reach out to me - I'd love to hear from you.

Violetta Lamot-Majewska 

Chief Communications Officer


Violetta Lamot-Majewska
Violetta Lamot-Majewska
Chief Communications Officer