Not sure what are Virtual Beings, Digital Humans and Conversational AI. Check out our FAQ to learn more about our company, core technology and our products.

What is your return policy?

Tell me about the company

Do you sell or rent out the Virtual Beings?

Is it possible to extend the skillset of my Virtual Being?

Tell me more about the soft skills of Virtual Beings

What is a Virtual Being?

Is there an option to change the voice of Virtual Being?

Can I edit the Frequently Asked Questions included in the Virbe skillset?

How many skill sets do the Virtual Beings have?

In which countries is the platform available?

Do you accept credit cards?

Is the Virtual Being able to display UI elements eg. rich product cards, buttons?

What is your data security policy ?

Can I use my own Metahuman to create my Virtual Being?

Does the Virtual Being collect conversation history with data about my users?

What happens when I decide to quit the monthly plan?

Is the Virtual Being able to recognize voice, face, text, image?

Do you charge per token/interaction?

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