We make sure your communication wins you customers

Keep the human touch in the all-digital world.

Grow your team with a virtual being today.

Virtual Beings framework for Autonomous Shops and Metaverse

Create an interactive Virtual Being by utilizing your existing tools and pipeline or design with Virbe platform built-in features.

Choose Appearance:

Virbe Virtual Beings

Ready Player Me

Unreal MetaHuman

Character Creator

Those 3D Models work with our SDKs out of the box. If you want to use your custom model please contact us.

Import ConversationalAI

Rasa (including RasaX, Botfront)

Google Dialogflow

Microsoft Bot Framework

OpenAI GPT-3

Use any ConversationalAI or chatbot and transform it into a Virtual Being.Contact us if you need a specialised skillset.

Deploy Anywhere

Launch virtual beings on Web, Mobile, Kiosks, VR/AR devices with Virbe SDKs for Javascript, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Learn more about possible integrations in our documentation

Virtual Beings in a physical location

Hire virtual beings to improve the autonomous customer experience in stores, hotels, airports, and public offices.

Seamless Web plugin integration

With just a few lines of code, add a virtual being to your website. Make sure each customer is being served in a more personalized way.

Virtual Beings in XR and Metaverse

Elevate your immersive experience with virtual beings on VR and AR devices. Our technology allows seamless integration of virtual beings into your app or game.

Livestreams and Virtual Personas

Virtual beings can participate in your social activity. You can use them in your videos and live streams to engage more with your community.

Wondering how it works?

Just talk to Rikka

Virtual Beings can work

in various areas


Guide your e-commerce customers along their shopping journey


Make your job application process easier and more efficient


Teach at scale with a fun and engaging conversation

Customer Support

Resolve your customers' issues instantly and keep them happy

Ready to get started?

Open Source

Open Source

Are you a creator & developer? Provide your own Dialogflow, SST & TTS credentials and make a virtual being from scratch.

Virbe Beings Hub

Virbe Beings Hub

Easily launch virtual beings in our cloud and start working with predefined presets and white label products.



Schedule a Virbe technology demonstration and see how Virtual Beings can skyrocket your business.

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Join Virtual Beings Discord community and talk with other creators. Dive into a network of early adopters, developers, and enthusiasts.