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Get started with AI-powered virtual beings

AI-driven virtual beings are ready to join your team right away and assist your customers with care. They will work on your website or in physical locations.

Host and install on your Azure cloud service.


Self-hosting access to get started with virtual beings technology.


requires own hosting
Sign up for free
1 instance
100 conversations
1 language
Free includes:
Selected RPM avatars
Default STT & TTS
Virbe AI Engine
All touchpoints


Increased usage – ideal for teams ready to pilot innovation.


/ month
Continue with Pilot
2 instances
2,000 conversations
1 language
Everything in Free, and:
Import RPM avatars
Virbe AI Editor with more docs and tasks
Webhook integrations
Connect a 3rd party chatbot
Most popular


Enhanced reporting and increased usage to support growing AI innovations.


/ month
Continue with Growth
5 instances
10,000 conversations
3 languages
Everything in Pilot, and:
Configure RPM avatars + custom avatars
Custom Azure voices
Touchpoints custom branding
Virbe AI Editor with advanced tasks
Human hand-over


Fully customized solution for enterprises seeking top-tier security and scalability.

Flexible pricing

Contact sales
Flexible instances
Unlimited conversations
5 languages
Everything in Growth, and:
Touchpoints performance monitoring
Web SDK access
Custom domain
Dashboard custom branding
On-premise hosting
Offline version
Priority support

* The price shown does not include any charges that will arise on the hosting service side, i.e. Azure. These charges may include the usage cost of a virtual machine, TTS, STT and LLM services.

Full feature comparison

Azure-hosted plans


€199 / month

Continue with Pilot


€499 / month

Continue with Growth


Flexible pricing

Contact sales
Usage monthly
Simultaneous End Users1550100 per VM
Web App
AvatarsSelected Ready Player Me avatarsImport Ready Player Me avatarsConfigure Ready Player Me + custom avatarsConfigure Ready Player Me + custom avatars
Remove Virbe logo
Add own logo
Customize UI
Kiosk App
AvatarsDefault Metahuman avatarsDefault Metahuman avatarsCustom Metahumans + custom avatarsCustom Metahumans + custom avatars
Remove Virbe logo
Add own logo
Customize UI
Kiosk Monitoring
Explorer apps
Virbe Mobile
Virbe Space
Hololens App
Conversational Engines
Virbe AI Editor
3rd party chatbot engines
Custom chatbot
Human hand-over
Virbe AI Editor
LLM modelProvide own LLMProvide own LLMProvide own LLMDedicated LLM
Knowledge Base: documents52050Custom
Knowledge base: file uploadsoonsoonsoon
Knowledge base: URL sourcesoonsoon
Number of tasksBuilt-in only1020Custom
Task type: collect data
Task type: webhooks
Analytics & Reporting
Conversation history
Conversation analysissoonsoon
End user dashboard
GDPR & data privacy
Conversation history cleaning
End user data obfuscationsoonsoon
Custom webhooks
3rd party CRMsoonsoon
Developer tools
Unity SDK access
Unreal SDK access
Web SDK access
Voice generation
Azure TTS
Eleven Labssoonsoon
OpenAI TTSsoonsoon
Custom Azure TTS Voice
Speech Recognition
Google STT
Azure STT
Whisper STTsoonsoon
Advanced hosting options
Custom domain
On-premise hostingContact
Offline versionContact
Dashboard branding
Customize dashboard UI
Virtual assistant
Discord community access
Email2 business days24h reaction (business days)Custom SLA
PhoneRequest meeting (1h per month)Custom SLA

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