Improve your webpage results with Virtual Being as your 24/7 Website Assistant

by Violetta Lamot-Majewska

Improve your webpage results with Virtual Being as your 24/7 Website Assistant

The world is seeing major global shifts in online customer experience. As a result, it’s more important than ever to be able to answer our client’s queries 24/7 to maximise your e-commerce revenue growth and increase efficiency in streamlined and effective ways.

A new discipline, customer-experience design, has grown up around the realisation that creating easy, distinctive, and rewarding customer experiences can unlock enormous value by boosting loyalty, reducing leakage and churn, and making companies stand out from the herd. Indeed, designing best-in-class customer experiences has the power to transform entire industries: just think of what Nespresso did for coffee making

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24/7 Online Customer Experience before the arrival of Virtual Beings  

Until today, to answer your e-commerce customers' queries 24/7, you could resort to chatbots or seek help from your sales team. But your team only has so much time and it is difficult to scale.



And regular chatbots? Although offering a partial solution - they are not enough for the growing demands of a “homo-digitalist” who is expecting personalised human touch at every point of contact with a brand.

Human-like Customer Support performed by Virtual Beings

We see the growing challenges posed by the over-digitised shopping experience. That is why one of our aims at Virbe is to give you a solution: a platform that gives birth to all sorts of interactive virtual assistants. Since their main task is the human-like online customer support available 24/7, our Virbes, or Virtual Beings solve numerous challenges that the owners of online shops face today. Instead of using an automated chatbot, we give you a Virtual Being (also called Digital Human), which provides the missing human touch in the automated chatbot-based sales exchange. 

Improve your sales results with e-commerce web host

Meet Stephen, our Virtual Being Web Assistant

To give you a feel of our online Virtual assistant, we have created a demo website offering backpacks and trekking equipment with selected products “on sale”. As you will see in the video below, we have embedded one of our Virtual Beings there. His name is Stephen. Stephen is available on every subpage of the demo shop, and you can find his profile picture in the right corner at the bottom of the website. By clicking on his photo, you will be able to enter into a sales conversation with Stephen, either via chat itself or/and through a voice-based chat. If you choose the latter you need to click on the microphone icon while responding to Stephen’s prompts with your voice.



Virtual Being as a Sales Person on your Web

So what can a Virtual Being do for you, or, precisely, for your website visitors? The skillset of a Web Assistant can vary. Our Sales Assistant Stephen can introduce himself to your customer, and if it’s a first-time buyer, Stephen will ask if he could acquire and process the customer's personal information, e.g., name or e-mail address. Then, Stephen will move on to a casual sales exchange beginning with a question about the client's needs, then presenting a general offer, and finally moving to selected recommendations presented within the chat section. Once the customer has selected any recommended items, he can ask about additional information that Stephen will be happy to provide. Obviously, the whole process of equipping your Virbe with a set of sales-enhancing skills widely depends on the way you wish to run your sales process.


Virtual Being as the next generation of chatbots

There are many reasons why a Virtual Being is superior to a chatbot-based sales exchange. For starters, their online presence is still a great novelty offering a promise that your clients will be intrigued enough to linger on your website out of sheer curiosity. What is more, as machine learning beings are driven by a Conversational AI, they are learning all the time, and they can engage your customers, personalise their experience while visiting your site and support them with finding the right paths to successful shopping outcomes. Finally, product information presented as part of the natural sales conversation is more relevant for the customer and opens opportunities for a smart upsell or cross-sell. Stephen is also equipped with knowledge on return or refund policy that he may share with the clients when appropriately prompted.

And what is more, your Virtual Being can be based on your own picture, and could be dressed in clothes matching the style of your choice if you decide to use our Ready Player me integration to create it. It takes just a few minutes to make one and the fun thing is that you can change its appearance whenever you feel like it!

So if you would like to hire your own Virtual Being to enhance customer experience on your site - there's no easier way but to reach out to us.

Partner with Virbe

And if you would like to discuss ways we could work together or if you wish to find out more about Virtual Beings please contact us and we will schedule a short demo call with you or join our Discord community to get instant access to our new features and our team.


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Thanks for reading until the end. If you're interested in learning more about Virbe, or have any questions or comments to the above, please use [email protected] to reach out to me - I'd love to hear from you.

Violetta Lamot-Majewska 

Chief Communications Officer

Violetta Lamot-Majewska
Violetta Lamot-Majewska
Chief Communications Officer