Join our partnership network to take your chat-bot to the next level

by Wojciech Halabuz

Join our partnership network to take your chat-bot to the next level

Are you a chat-bot developer or conversational AI product agency? 

We are announcing a long-term partnership initiative to support you and better understand ways we could assist you in developing your products. We will use insights from this cooperation to guide the development of our products for your clients and their end users. Read on to see some of the most crucial benefits of joining our partnership programme.


When you become our partner you will be able to:


1. Help your clients drive consumer engagement with customizable interactive Virtual Being

As a Partner you will have the privilege to develop custom projects for your clients using our technology. You can be sure that our team gives you all the necessary technical support. All you need to do is create a new Virtual Being and feed it with your customer’s personalised content or dedicated conversational AI.

2. Call on the superpower of personalization to delight the end user

Get access to our customizing features in our Virbe Dashboard. Virbe Partners get access to exclusive features, including custom Azure voices, custom 3D models & animations, as well as Web plugin & Virbe Dashboard customisation.

3. Win new clients with custom demo apps hosted by Virtual Being

Becoming a Partner is the best way to impress your clients with our custom demo apps - VR, AR, mobile app, web demo, e-commerce demo and Metahuman kiosk. All available to you as part of our partnership bundle.

4. Prepare your clients for the Metaverse ecosystem

With the market opportunity estimated at over $1 trillion Metaverse is forcing brands to evaluate their opportunities and work out a scalable communication strategy. We know it will be your task to ease your clients’ way into this new realm of opportunities. Together with our Partners we want to support brands with custom communication solutions. Using a Virtual Being is a natural way to communicate in all kinds of emerging virtual worlds. Help your clients navigate the new reality.


Partner with Virbe

If you would like to discuss ways we could work together or if you wish to find out more about Virtual Beings please contact us at [email protected] and we will schedule a short demo call with you. And to see our latest product updates and to have our back in any technical problems - join our Discord community.

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Wojciech Halabuz
Wojciech Halabuz