Start More Reliable Customer Conversations with AI Editor

by Olga Jakubowska

Start More Reliable Customer Conversations with AI Editor

Understanding Customizable Tasks

At the heart of our AI Editor's capabilities are customizable tasks. These tasks allow you to set specific triggers that initiate a series of actions. For instance, triggers can be system-generated events like the start of a conversation or context-based instructions such as a user asking about the weather. Once triggered, actions like delivering specific text responses, referring to knowledge base content, or executing webhooks are performed, ensuring dynamic and responsive interactions.

AI Editor Features for Frictionless Conversations

Quick Replies: Instant Responses Made Easy

The Quick Replies feature introduces interactive buttons for instant responses during conversations. With user-defined and AI-generated responses, interactions become faster and more efficient.

Example: a customer service assistant can offer quick reply options for common queries, speeding up the resolution process.

Add action – Exact quick replies
Add action – Dynamic quick replies

Behavior: More Natural Interactions

The Behavior feature adds a layer of expressiveness to your virtual beings. By triggering gestures and emotions, interactions become more engaging and lifelike. Imagine a virtual assistant that not only answers queries but also smiles, nods or shrugs, making the conversation feel more personal and authentic.

Add action – Behavior

Enhancing Reliability with Custom Actions

Custom Actions allow for bespoke interactions tailored to specific needs. Compatible with our SDKs, this feature lets you set and trigger actions based on unique application requirements. For instance, in the Unreal app SDK, you can define interactions that align perfectly with your application’s functionalities, ensuring reliability and control.

Add action – Custom

Revisiting Existing Features for Better Quality

Exact Response and AI-Generated Response

The AI Editor’s Exact Response and AI-Generated Response features offer flexibility and control. Exact Response allows you to define specific replies, ensuring precision, while AI-Generated Response leverages AI to create replies, but based on an additional prompt, making the replies highly contextual and predictable.

Collect Data Action

The Collect Data feature helps gather information during interactions, capturing valuable insights and improving user experiences. This is particularly useful for surveys, feedback forms, and real-time preference gathering.


The Webhooks capability enables integration with various systems and allows virtual beings to perform advanced tasks beyond simple conversation or chat. This feature makes it possible for your virtual assistant to interact with other software and services, further enhancing its functionality and responsiveness.

Task actions: Collect data, Call webhook and AI-generated content

Why Does It Matter

Differentiating your virtual assistants from generic AI assistants is crucial for your business. Generic AI solutions often fail to provide the control and reliability needed, potentially harming your customer interactions and overall business performance. With Virbe’s AI Editor, you can adopt AI in a reliable and controlled manner, ensuring your virtual interactions are smooth, efficient, and high-quality, ultimately driving better outcomes and satisfaction.

Try it out

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Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the capabilities of our AI Editor!

Olga Jakubowska
Olga Jakubowska
Head of Product